PayPal and eBay Separate

PayPal and Ebay Separate

PayPal and eBay Separate

Paypal and eBay, two business giants formerly joined at the hip, today go their separate ways. It isn't considered to be a divorce as such but rather an opportunity for the two trading behemoths to go on to spread their wings in their own right.

Previously, PayPal and eBay were related as members of the eBay Inc. corporate family of companies. Within this corporate structure, PayPal was operating as a separate, stand-alone company. Now, eBay and PayPal are no longer part of the same group of companies. Separation makes it easier for both PayPal and eBay to grow their own businesses and provides each company with new market and partnership opportunities that would have been more difficult to pursue while part of the combined corporate family.

The separation doesn't change how you work with either of the companies. They're committed to maintaining a quality relationship with our customers. eBay and PayPal have agreements between them to ensure they keep the same customer experience in place. eBay will continue to work with PayPal for payments, refunds and holds. This is in line with how PayPal and eBay have worked together in the past.

Both businesses have updated their User Agreements and Privacy Policies regularly to make sure they're up to date with their relationships with their customers, the nature of their business, our privacy practices and changes in applicable laws. With PayPal and eBay separating, some of the current updates to the PayPal User Agreement and Privacy Policy also reflect the changed relationship between the companies.

PayPal and Ebay don’t rent or sell customer information to third parties for their own purposes. They do share data with third parties for purposes such as fraud prevention and risk management, customer service support, shipping, legal compliance, managing their business and delivering services. Just like most banks or financial/payment service providers, PayPal works with third-party service providers that allow PayPal to be an easier, faster and safer way to make payments. They need to share data with them from time to time so that services that customers have requested can be delivered.


As has always been the case, third parties aren't able to use this information for their marketing purposes without a customer's express consent.


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